On Glass.co.uk design & make a wide range of decorative stained glass windows, doors & fanlights.

We specialise in bespoke one-off glass patterns, something unique to you, your location or your property.

Scale proof drawings sent via email help visualize a design prior to ordering. We offer this as a separate service to manufacturing and there is a small £20 fee to do this. We need the correct finished glass sizes to do this accurately.

All our stained glass windows, doors and fanlights are handmade. Please allow for some small design variations. We can adjust and modify most designs to fit different sized panels, within reason.

We use toughened 4mm or 6mm single glazed base glass in most panels. When double glazing you have a choice of clear or obscured backing glass.

Please bear in mind the colours on screen may vary from the finished stained glass window.

When we have received the followings details outlined here quote you’ll receive a price estimate via email.

Our glass panels are couriered anywhere in the UK only, size limits apply.

Links to some of our online photos – Pinterest Facebook Instagram YouTube

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