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On Glass.co.uk offer an extensive range of Stained Glass, Etched Glass, Bevelled Glass and decorative mirrors to meet customer requirements.

We specialize in one-off designs, something unique to you, your location or your property.

There is a reason why others try to copy our designs, remember the saying, 'you get what you pay for'.

Please email your requirements for a quick quote.

We design and manufacture a full range of exclusive stained glass products from leaded windows, doors and fanlights to stunning bevelled glass and etched glass, single, double or triple glazed toughened 'K' argon glass panels.

All products are handmade and finished to the highest quality and technical specification. Don't accept cheap and more inferior imitations. Ask your supplier if it is a genuine On Glass.co.uk panel.

"Often copied never bettered"

Windows and Doors can be Single Glazed, Double Glazed or Triple Glazed using Toughened Safety 'K' coated glass in most situations.


Ordering & pricing – P.O.A.
Please email the following details to enable us give you a quote :-
1. glass sizes
2. design/style
3. quantity
4. single/double glazed
5. clear or obscured glass
6. delivery/collection
Email address - info@onglass.co.uk

Design limitations.
Everything we do is hand made, this enables us to adjust and modify any design to fit different sized panels, within reason. For example a large design will not fit entirely into a small panel but some small parts could, It's the difference between icing a small fairy cake with the name Tim or Charlotte. Likewise a small design would possibly need a little more design detail to fill out a larger pane, be mindful of this when asking for a quote.

Fitting recommendations.
When installing your single glazed glass panel into a wooden frame, we recommend using glazing foam strip, not putty or silicone, it's quick, clean and easy. When fitting a double glazed panel into a wood frame it should have spacers placed under the bottom of the glass unit to raise it up from the base of the frame avoiding any possible moisture being trapped. Drain holes in the bottom of the frame are also recommended to allow any water to drain out and a bead of silicone around the outside beads to seal the glass.


We can reproduce your original stained glass.

On Glass.co.uk can design and manufacture faithful reproductions of your original stained glass. The example below has been designed and manufactured on Minster glass. It shows the detailed authenticity that can be achieved when replacing old windows with new double or single glazed panels. The lead joints can also be soldered to add to the traditional effect. Due to the handmade nature of these products some manufacturing differences will occur. Please email your requirements for a quick quote.

victorian glass Art Nouveau Original

victorian stained glass Art Nouveau Reproduction

Support small businesses - Google reviews help

Try not to fit leaded glass in the rain as it will oxidize too quickly and you may see a white unsightly residue on the lead. New lead when exposed to the elements will need a few days to weather in, this is normal.






Our prices are competitive and our delivery times are very prompt. We can courier your windows anywhere in the UK only, size limits apply.

Our standard lead tracery has a bronze appearance when finished on all panels except our Classic Lead Designs, unless otherwise specified.

On glass.co.uk can take an idea and transform it into a beautifully finished work of art that can be adored by all. More designs are available on request. Custom design proofs can be emailed for approval should you wish to place an order.

Please take your time to have a look through our web site and links page to see the large variety of stained glass designs we have available to all our customers in the United Kingdom.

The colouring of each design can be changed to your requirements to complement your interior decor.


We can also replicate your old etched glass patterns. Please send high quality pictures and vector images if you require detailed pattern reproductions, email for a quote.


We recommend Minster or Flemish backing glass for Double Glazed sealed units.


Minster glass offers greater privacy with a more traditional effect. Flemish glass is more transparent and offers a more contemporary look, complimenting the water effects found in our designs. There are more pre-patterned glass types available.


etched glass Etched glass replication


minster glass Minster glass


flemish glass Flemish glass



  Natural Oxidization of Leaded Windows
The Process of Patination
  Please email your requirements for a quick quote.   Scale drawings can be made, to help when making your decision.
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